ESCOWELD 7505E/7530 is a highly flowable, epoxy grout system engineered for use with dynamically – operated industrial machinery and equipment where performance and operating reliability are crucial. ESCOWELD grout functions as a critical interface between the equipment and its foundation ensuring proper transference of static and dynamic loads generated by operating equipment to the foundation. This allows the foundation to efficiently absorb and dissipate the loads true to its purpose. ESCOWELD Epoxy Grout provides proper support for the operating equipment. When coupled with a properly designed anchoring system, ESCOWELD grout maintains critical shaft alignment fundamental for optimum performance of rotating and reciprocating equipment. Characteristics: – High chemical resistance – High compression strengths – Rapid Cure in 24 hours for tight turn-around schedules or emergeny repairs – Self Leveling – Excellent flowability – Non-shrink for maintaining precise alignemnt of rotating machinery – Pour range from 1 1/2″ to 18″ depths capable of multiple lifts without the worry of cold joints – Packaging (2.4 Cu. Ft. Kit ) Coverage – 4,147 Cu.In

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