Saving Customers Thousands on Projects

“Grout Holds the Machine Up, Anchor Bolts Hold the Machine Down” A simple statement created by MST back in 1989 and still holds true today. We know that equipment misalignment causes excessive vibration which leads to excessive bearing temperatures, expensive seal replacement, pipe strain, and an overall decrease in MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure). Best practices should include quality foundation design, and engineering, and planning. Our goal is to recommend the best product and solution for the application. We recommend “Best Practices” that should include all facets of a machine installation including foundation design, machinery engineering, civil engineering, and project planning.

If you have a question about an application, installation, or just need help with a technical bulletin or an SDS Sheet, call us directly at 661-399-7781  /  Ask an installation specialist a question [click here]

The Questions We Ask

Where is it?

Temperature and surroundings can have a huge impact on the job.

Project Location

The location and seasonal ups & downs can make an impact on the product and techniques used for installation.

What Does it Do?

Motion of the equipment you are installing is a pretty big deal.

Movement - No Movement...

Machinery moving or stationary equipment determines the hardware and type of product recommended.

Equipment Offline?

Offline can impact production with installation complications.

Does it Impact Production?

How does this equipment offline affect production, how quickly is it needed back online.

How Large?

Cutting it too close can cost time, not buying enough product can be costly.

The Square Footage

With thousands of installations under out belts, across the country, we can come pretty close to what you will need.

In-House Service

  • Concrete Substrate Evaluation
  • Planning-support
  • Foundation Prep
  • Environmental Controls
  • Anchor Bolts / Bolt Stretch
  • Preliminary Equipment Elevation
  • Forming Methods
  • Control Joints
  • Grout Storage
  • Grout Preconditioning
  • Grout Mixing Procedures
  • Grout Placement
  • Grout Curing
  • Grout Sampling / Independent Testing