Whether repairing eroded concrete flooring, machinery foundations, equipment foundations, cracks in concrete walls and structures, leaks in concrete walls and tanks, metal surfaces, screw threads, punctures, cracks in pipes, or service equipment – Machine Support Technologies has the products that will get you up and running with minimal downtime.

MST specializes in products for the repair of most structural components and protective linings for pump and machinery cases. From voids in pump bases to cracks in concrete crack pipes and flooring, and most other commercial and industrial applications, we have the product to suit your needs. High strength, high-temperature epoxy paste, to high-temperature epoxy pipe wrap, ceramic repair liquid, ceramic repair putty, titanium repair and abrasion resistant compounds – MST can recommend a product that will work for just about any situation.

MST also has products to prevent the number killer in the workplace, “Slip and Fall”. Our anti-slip floor and deck coatings and corrosion resistant paints are well proven at facilities all over the World. First developed for our U.S. Military for use on the decks of America’s aircraft carriers, they’ve kept U.S. Navy personnel and equipment safe from slips, falls and skids under the most extreme conditions imaginable for years.

• Floor and Wall Systems
• Primary Containment
• Secondary Containment
• Chemical Resistant Coatings & Linings
• Wear Resistant Coatings & Linings
• Expansion Joint Systems

• Non-slip Systems
• Anti-graffiti
• Bonding Agents
• Filling & Smoothing Fairing Compounds
• Culvert Lining Systems

• Pipe Coating & Repair
• Pipe/Tank Lining
• Flexible Coatings and Joint Compound
• Primer Systems, Sub-Base / Soleplate
• Void/Crack Repair, Installation Systems
• Leak Sealing (Concrete Walls & Floors)

ITW PolySpec/Thiokol is a North American based manufacturer of high-performance polymer coatings linings, flooring, and sealants that provide superior chemical resistance and corrosion protection for the industrial, commercial and marine markets.

A recognized international leader in polymer construction technology, we understand and anticipate customer needs. We realize that different challenges require different approaches, and our broad product offering allows us to develop the “right” recommendation.

• Containment Systems
• Sealing
• Chemical Resistant Coatings

WearCoat products are state-of-the-art industrial and commercial coatings for floor systems, anti-graffiti, and machinery coatings that offer greater chemical, abrasion and impact resistance, durability, longevity and aesthetics than conventional coating systems. Installed on factory floors, aircraft hangars, warehouse or retail facilities, our products will perform for years and keep their long-term beauty and effectiveness with a minimum amount of care and maintenance.

• High Gloss
• Thin Film
• High Build
• Excellent Weathering
• Concrete and Metal Surfaces

American Safety Technologies® is the world’s leading manufacturer of anti-slip coatings. Our products are engineered for toughness and durability and are tough enough for everything from flight decks to factory floors. American Safety Technologies® products are manufactured by ITW Polymers Sealants North America.

• Military Grade Interior Deck Coating Systems
• Military Grade Exterior Non-Skid Deck Coatings
• Walking Areas
• Vehicle Traffic
• Commercial Vehicles

Carboline is a global supplier of coatings, linings, protective coatings that focus on corrosion control, water transmission, and fire protection. We are committed to progressing science for the future of the coatings industry, solving our customers’ problems drives our approach to everything we do. Technologies include water based, 100% solids, and VOC compliant formulations backed with extensive testing and a multitude of case histories. Whether the need is for corrosion protection, fire protection, chemical resistance, long-term weathering, color stability, quick-to-service, abrasion, insulation, heat resistance, or immersion linings.

• Architectural & Commercial Fireproofing
• Bonding Primers
• Coatings Under Insulation
• Concrete Protection
• Direct to Metal Finishes
• Finishes
• High Temperature Coatings
• Industrial Fireproofing
• Insulative Coatings
• Pipeline Coatings
• Potable Water Linings
• Pre-Construction Primers
• Steel Decks
• Steel Primers
• Surface Tolerant Coatings
• Tank Linings
• Ultra Weatherable Finishes
• Wall Coatings

Protective Coating  & Repair Installations