Low Viscosity Polyurethane For Fast Repair of Cracks and Spalls in Concrete
– Open to traffic in 60 minutes (4,600 psi)
– Available in numerous cartridge sizes and in bulk
– Self Leveling, Ultra low viscosity penetrates cracks and wets substrate and aggregate
– Can be used with concrete powder pigments for color matching
– Low odor, 1:1 mix ratio hybrid polyurethane
– Temperature range of application 30?F to 110?F (-1?C to 43?C)
– 4,000 psi compressive strength in 1 hour (neat)
– Viscosity less than 100 cP
– 12 month shelf life
Uses Include: -Quick repair of interior/exterior hairline cracks in concrete -Spall repair when mixed with aggregate -Industrial floor repair for hightraffic areas -Parking structures and concrete bridge repair