See below for an extensive list of our 38 years of product applications utilizing our epoxy and cement grouts, structural concretes, cement repair mortars, protective corrosion coatings, floor systems, anti-slip systems, flexible joint compounds, and repair materials. Each lettered tab will show application parameters for our products. We’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction for the product that will suit your needs and save you time and money!

If you have a question about an application, installation, or just need a technical bulletin or SDS Sheet, call us directly at (661) 399-7781 /  Ask an installation specialist a question [click here]

Application Index

Airport Runway
Application Thickness
Airport Runway
Appication Thickness
Baseplate or Soleplate Construction
Boilers-Steam Generators Construction
Baseplates-Soleplates Restoration & Repair
Boiler-Steam Generators Restoration & Repair
Bridge & Deck New Construction
Bridge & Deck Restoration & Repair
Chemical Resistant Concrete Pads
Chemical Resistant Floor Repairs
Cold Weather Installation
Coating 24 Hour
Compressors New Construction
Compressors Restoration & Repair
Concrete Floor Toppings & Overlays
DOT Highway Restoration & Repair
Electric Motors New Construction
Electric Motors Restoration & Repair
ES-Deep Large Volume Pours
Fiber Reinforced for Crack Resistance
Form Sealing
Formed Vertical Repairs
Foundation New Construction
Foundation Restoration & Repair
General Infrastructure New Construction
General Infrastructure Restoration & Repair
Grout Placement Equipments
Gunite WP/FS- Wet process
High Bond Strength
High Strength Gains in Hours
High Strength Gains in Short Time Frame
Horizontal Concrete Repairs
Hot Weather Concrete Repair
Hydro Electric Generation New Construction
Hydro Electric Generation Restoration & Repair