Five Star Crane Rail Grout is a specially formulated grout for non-shrink, rapid strength gain for tight clearences and high dynamic loads. A three component, 100% solids, low VOC system designed to maintain presice elevations of installaed rail. Exhibits positive expansion per ASTM C827dampen high frequency sound and electrical isolation. This product is highly flowable, non-shrink, rapid strength gain, epoxy grout for tight clearance applications and dynamic loads. It is a three component, 100% solids epoxy system that exhibits positive expansion when tested in accordance with ASTM C 827 for 95% EBA (Effective Bearing Area). Five Star Crane Rail Grout has excellent chemical resistance.

Charactesristics include:
-High flow for tight clearances
– Excellent adhesion to steel and concrete
– 95% Effective Bearing Area -Positive Expansion, Non-Shrink
– Chemically Resistant
– Rapid strength gain for fast turnaround Uses include: Long Linear Crane Rail, Railroad Track Rehabilitation, Precision aloignment under dynamic and cyclic loads, installation in thin cross-sections, Transfer Car Runways, Material Handling Rail, Light Rail Applications