The 1107 Advantage Grout DOT is a non-shrink, noncorrosive, non-metallic cementitious grout that is designed to provide a controlled, positive expansion to ensure excellent bearing area (EBA). 1107 Advantage Grout DOT can be mixed from a dry pack to a fluid consistency.

Uses include: interior and exterior grouting of structural column base plates,
pump and machinery bases, anchoring bolts, dowels,
bearing pads and keyway joints. Industries served: paper mills, petrochemical refineries, food plants, aerospace,
water/wastewater treatment plants, gas transmission, power generation, etc.
Characteristics Include:
– Controlled, Net Positive Expansion
– Non Shrink
– Non Metallic/Non Corrosive
– Dry Pack to Pourable Consistancy, Pumpable
– InteriorEexterior applications