Adhesives Technology products can be used for anchoring, doweling, bonding, joint filling, concrete repair, maintenance and restoration across many industries including but not limited to; heavy duty construction, industrial, MRO and consumer/DIY. We have one of the broadest selections of adhesives and packaging systems of any manufacturer in the industry. Whether you’re looking for high strength adhesives in a 1 ounce syringe, small 6 oz. cartridge or a 150 gallon kit of low viscosity repair adhesive, you’ll find the product to fit your needs.

• Anchoring
• Doweling
• Bonding & Coating
• Concrete Repair
• Crack bond
• Joint Treatment

If you have a question about an application, installation, or just need help with a technical bulletin or an SDS Sheet, call us directly at: 661-399-7781  /  Ask an installation specialist a question [click here]