Five Star DP Epoxy Grout is the only expansive, non-shrink, low exothermic epoxy system for machinery grouting. This versatile, dual purpose product is formulated for single, large volume placements and may be used as thin as 1/2 inch (13 mm) in depth. Five Star DP Epoxy Grout is a three component, 100% solids, solvent-free system formulated to provide high-strength and superior creep resistance combined with the highest effective bearing area. Five Star DP Epoxy Grout exhibits positive expansion when tested in accordance with ASTM C 827.
– Deep pour capabilities 1″ to 18″
– Good working time
– Solvent-free cleanup
– Adjustable flow for various conditions (Standard 5 Bag Mix or High Flow 4 Bag Mix)
– Expansive, non-shrink per ASTM C 827
– Superior creep resistance
– Chemically resistant
– 95% effective bearing area (EBA) when following proper grouting procedures
– Excellent adhesion to steel – Packaging Single Sack (.5 Cu. Ft. Kit ) Coverage – 864 Cu.In – Full Unit (2.0 Cu. Ft Kit) Coverage – 3,456 Cu. In. – High Flow Kit (1.79 Cu Ft. Kit) Coverage – 3,093 Cu. In.