Five Star DP/PG Epoxy Grout is a pumpable, expansive, non-shrink, low exothermic epoxy grout for machinery grouting. This versatile, dual-purpose product is formulated for single, large volume placements and may be used as thin as ? inch (13 mm) in depth. Five Star DP/PG Epoxy Grout is a three component, 100% solids, solvent-free system formulated to provide high strength and superior creep resistance combined with the highest effective bearing area. Five Star DP Epoxy Grout PG exhibits positive expansion when tested in accordance with ASTM C 827.
– Pumpable
– Low exothermic properties with early strength development
– Long working time
– Solvent-free clean up
– Expansive, non-shrink per ASTM C 827
– Superior creep resistance
– Chemically resistant
– 95% Effective Bearing Area (EBA) is typically achieved following proper grouting procedures
– Excellent adhesion to steel – Packaging (1.79 Cu. Ft. Kit ) Coverage – 3,093 Cu.In