The Pro-Poxy? 2000 Deep Pour is a matched system of blended aggregates and pre-measured 100% solids epoxy, designed to provide a nonshrink, high-performance, epoxy machine grout for the support of heavy equipment. Applications ?” minimum (1.9 cm) to 18″ (45.7 cm) can be accomplished with Pro-Poxy? 2000 Deep Pour. Placements greater than 18 inches (45.7 cm) can also be accomplished when properly extended with Pea gravel extender. Pro-Poxy? 2000 Deep Pour exhibits excellent flow and high bearing support when properly mixed and installed. Pro-Poxy? 2000 Deep Pour can be used for anchor bolts and sleeves, supporting pumps, mill tables, crushers, crane rails, engines, compressors, rotary equipment and other heavy machinery requiring a stable and energy absorbing base subject to dynamic loads to maintain precision alignment. Characteristics:
– Excellent flowability
– 1.5 Hours working time @ 75?F (24?C)
– Very low exotherm allows for deep placements
– High impact resistance
– Superior creep resistance
– Excellent chemical resistance
– Tenacious adhesion to concrete and steel. – Low VOC (0 g/l) Compliant with all Federal EPA, OTC, LADCO, SCAQMD, and CARB regulations – Packaging Single Sack Kit (.5 Cu. Ft.Kit ) Coverage – 864 Cu.In – Full Unit (2.0 Cu.Ft. Kit) Coverage 3,456 Cu. – Available aggregate extension for large pour