A two-component, very low viscosity, Polyurethane hybrid formulation specially designed for quick repairs of hairline cracks and spalls in concrete substrate. CSR is a fast curing product to reduce downtime where return-to-service in needed. The CSR-LPL is a long potlife version of the CSR product. Use the CSR-LPL when aggregates are use to repair large spalls or deep holes in concrete floors. Characteristics: – Self leveling – Ultra low viscosity for deep penetration into craks resulting in a superior bond – High compressive strength (4,629 psi in one hour) – Easy 1:1 ratio mix – Available in 9 oz. Uni-cartridge or 22 oz. plural component cartridges or bulk packaging – Can be used with powder pigments for color matching – Application temperatures from 30 to 110 Def. F – Repaired cracks and spalls can be opened to traffic in less than 60 minutes – CSR-LPL long potlife facilitates adding aggregates for mortar repairs Uses Include: – Quick repair of interior and exterior hariline cracks -Quick repair of spalls when mixed with a specialty aggregate -industrial and commercial flood repairs for application with high volume traffic – Parking structure repairs – Concrete bridge repair