CHOCKFAST Gray (PR-610FR) is a specially formulated 100% solids, two component, inert filled compound developed for use in chocking non-precisely aligned equipment or in setting anchor bolts in concrete. The compound is designed to withstand severe marine and industrial environments involving a high degree of both physical and thermal shock. CHOCKFAST GRAY was developed as a chocking compound for use under marine deck machinery, pumps, generators and steering gears. Industrially, the compound is used under diesel engines, generators, compressors, pumps, turbines, bearing blocks, crane rails and numerous other applications. It is also used extensively in the setting of anchor bolts into concrete. Characteristics: – Excellent flowability and non-shrink properties – Very high impact strengths – Very high compressive strengths – Approved for marine use by A.B.S., Coast Guard, Lloyd’s Register and other regulatory agencies. – Non-corrosive properties in severe marine environments – High thermal shock resistance – High tensile strengths – High fire resistance (self extinguishing) – Packaging (1 Gallon Kit ) Coverage – 187 Cu.In (5 Gallon Kit) Coverage – 816 Cu. In