Five Star Rapid Surface Repair (RSR/EZM) is a self-leveling, low viscosity, two-part liquid polyurethane-hybrid polymer. When supplemented with its proprietary blended aggregate, this product is used to repair and rehabilitate concrete and asphaltic concrete pavements.

The enhanced polymer is high performance, rapid setting, and can be used to make an impact and traffic resistant polymer concrete. Within minutes of placement, durable, long-lasting repairs are able to handle vibration, heavy traffic, and thermal movement.
– No priming required to bond to concrete, asphalt, steel or wood
– Waterproof, chemically resistant membrane protects substrates from freeze-thaw spalling
– Use neat or with aggregate
– Stops further corrosion of reinforcing steel
– Traffic ready in as little as 30 minutes
– Very low odor
– Make repairs year round